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The following questions from our customers and friends which frequently be asked.
1.Are you a manufacturer?
Yes, We are professional manufacturer and trading office together. 
Our management adheres to "Devotion and practice makes perfection".We focus on R&D research, Customized design and product quality fully control. In last 3 years, we have been closely to cooperate with customers among more than 15 countries, like Russia, Austria, USA, UK, Germany, Thailand.
2.Why choose Vibetter as our partner ?
Our target is not only to provide the products but a complete solution with customized services. It is believed by us that that expertise and experience are the key for our success.
Secondly, Vibetter dedicates ourselves to develop and manufacturer high quality Security&Protection products such as powered air purifying respirator, safety glasses goggles, face shield, welding helmet, welding gloves, safety helmet ect. We own our factory and warehouse, technology support team and cooperate with some alliance factory. Our management system include of manufacturer, R&D, online production, testing, inspect, quality assurance.  

3.Can you help to purchase products for me from other suppliers? Do you offer  inspect service?
Yes,of course.We can.
We own our trading office. We have experienced purchasing staff and senior engineer offer a completed and professional source service, inspect service. There are a professional QC and inspector in our company, guarantee a better source job.
Many factories are small or medium size in China, they have production capacity but not professional management, without reliable and professional trade staff. we have many years experience to help them.They repay us a most favorable price with thanks. That is WIN-WIN again!   

4. We are satisfied with the price of existing supplier,but have problem in quality,how to do ?
It is easy, please contact us. Feel free to send your requirement,we are in position to help you get qualified products with better price.

5. What is Warranty?
Usually, we offer 24 months warranty for each shipment since the shipping date.

6. What is delivery time?
As Usual we have 7-10 working days, but for a new customer,  it will be a longer time!
7. How long to have a sample since I confirm the order with you?
Usually, sample be delivered within 7-10 days since you place sample order to us.
Delivery time is a little different due to different country and district.
8.How to solve it if product occur problem?
It is the truth that our goods are very reliable, only less than 0.15% returned rate for each shipment according customers reply.
When products have problem(caused by our fault), we are responsible to send new one for change. 
The following questions from our customers and friends which frequently be asked.