Respiratory PAPR

power air purifying PAPR

Item No.: PR02
Description Specification

Perfect Breathing Protection

- filtration efficiency of 99.8%, to protect the health of the lungs from the inhalation of harmful solid particles, smoke and dust.


Rechargeable Lithium Battery

- green, can be charged repeatedly, 1h charged, 8h+ working life.


Intelligent & Stable Air Supply

- adjust the power automatically according to the blockage of the air filter, to ensure the stable and clear air supply.


Welding Helmet & Air Hood Can Be Used Separately

- except the welding industry, our product can also be adopted in other industries (such as spraying), which need the fresh air.

Filtration Efficiency 99.8%
Air Flow 220/180/150 (L/min)
Charging Time 1h
Rechargeable Time > 500 times
Alarm Mode Buzzer Sound
Working Humidity < 90%
Storage Humidity < 85%
Host Weight (including battery, air filter) 1280g